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Non-baryonic dark matter

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%MATHMODE{\int_{-\infty}^\infty e^{-\alpha x^2} dx = \sqrt{\frac{\pi}{\alpha}}}% test

possible research project (KBN application)

Literature Review (original version by Bartek Lew)

primary objectives

  • Observational possibilities of either direct or indirect detection of cold nonbaryonic dark matter (nbCDM) in the Universe
  • Research for composition, nature and physics of nbCDM in terms of currently favored candidates (WIMP's, Axions, super heavy relicts).
  • Galaxy distribution, dynamics, scattering rates and energy deposit in possible interactions of nbCDM for various candidates
  • Possible observational constraints on nature of nbCDM
  • Possible connection (interaction) between nbCDM and dark energy (DE)
  • Current / future possibilities of relevant nbCDM experiments
  • Some knowledge of standard particle physics and supersymmetric extensions of standard model (MSSM)
  • (Super)Symmetry breaking problems in cosmology and particle physics

secondary objectives

  • Friedmann equations solutions for various cosmological models (see cosmological calculator)
  • Equation of state for different components of the Universe (i.e. nbCDM) and it's influence on cosmological parameters evolution
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