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Research topics different intensities at Licencjat/Magister/Doktorat level Non perturbative N body/GR simulations N body simulations (e.g. AstroPh:0411043, ArXiv ...
Please feel free to add arguments, counterarguments, or rearrange this page and break off big pieces into their own pages. This is GFDL CC BY SA protected, so you ...
20 * these should provide observations of galaxies at quite high redshifts, so good galaxy/AGN formation modelling projects could make predictions of how the HerschelSatellite ...
Dark Matter Detection DAMA/NaI Foot et al. * In ph/0405282 the 7 year results of the DAMA/NaI dark matter direct detection experiment ...
Waldek was interested in this subject during the 2002/2003 academic year. Any students interested in this theme, please edit this page a translate this to a page ...
%$\int_{ \infty}^\infty e^{ \alpha x^2} dx = \sqrt{\frac{\pi}{\alpha}}$% test %$ \rightarrow $%
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