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* YUFE sounds a bit suspicious: UMK is now associated with the rather disreputable ETS = WikipediaEn:Educational_Testing_Service se
* Uni of Warsaw is in the 4eu crea nuova legal entity 4EU European University Alliance , so UMK is not the only
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how wims points are calculated po polsku
see CosmoTeaching20102011
see CosmoTeaching

* Wzor dla jednego cwiczenia q_m po m razy, gdzie s_1, ..., s_m to ocen między 0.0 i 1.0, to q_m = \frac{0.85 q_{m 1}   s_m}{1.85}. Tzn, q_m,
* Chromium/Chrome bug: As of 2020, the chromium/chrome browser software has a bug that prevents the display of some of the exercises. Firefox is one browser w
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* (old: points by creating foswiki content: StopienWykladu, StopienWykladuFAQ Frequently Asked Questions)
* 2019/2020 UMKGuidelinesCOVID19
* 2019/2020 2020/2021 UMKGuidelinesCOVID19
Cosmo Teaching by year
* CosmoTeaching20202021
* CosmoTeaching20192020
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Cosmo.CosmoTeaching20192020 ((C) 2020 CC BY NC, ) * Free licensed text/audio/video/window display communicators: * ...
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Cosmo.CosmoTeaching20202021 ((C) 2020 CC BY NC, ) * Free licensed text/audio/video/window display communicators: * ...
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@KRA main seminar room (sala 20) online BigBlueButtonHints
* EXAM: TBD @KRA Room 48 5 hours = maximum time; a good student can finish in 2 hours
* EXAM: date time TBD @KRA Room 48 5 hours = maximum time; a good student can finish in 2 hours
mailing list
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GNU Data Language development of missing functions


The GNU Data Language (GDL) implements a high level language widely used by astronomers and in geosciences. As of GDL 0.9~rc4, GDL is claimed to have full syntax
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Non perturbative N body/GR simulations
Reproducible galaxy formation pipeline
N body simulations (e.g. AstroPh:0411043, ArXiv:1105.1082, AstroPh:0111367) used for the modelling of 0.1 to 5 Gpc scale structure formation assume a rigid Fried
In ArXiv:2010.03742 a reproducible galaxy formation pipeline is established. The initial results showed that void location contributes to a later epoch of a dark
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* arXiv/ADS: inhomogeneous cosmology articles since DD MM 20YY:
2021 01 xx
2021 04 xx
Feel free to edit this draft!
* jobs:
* IBM Research is seeking to fill three postdoctoral positions, with start dates in the second half of 2021. Candidates with a background in any aspect of
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